How a Clutter Free Home Makes for a Fast Sale

Charleston Real EstateWhen preparing your house to be sold, we must to be thoughtful of all our junk, states Premier One a leading Charleston real estate provider. The easiest way to start the process is taking a fast walk throughout your house. Create a detailed list of things that you haven’t used in six months. This is your time to finally let go and get rid of that stuff.It might seem a little extreme, but things you haven’t used in six months aren’t going to be something you’ll miss in the least.

We’re trying to eliminate stuff so potential buyers can see the home, not what you are storing in it. The thinking here is that you want to allow the buyer the opportunity to imagine their stuff in the house. If the rooms are clutter-free, they can picture their stuff there. If they have to expend any effort wondering what the room would look like without your stuff, they are never going to become emotionally attached to the house.

When the rooms are clutter-free, you also get the benefit of the house looking larger. With so much extra space, the new buyer can start picturing in their minds all the things they can do in that space. This is how they start to become emotionally connected, and once that happens, they can not let the house go. They will do whatever it takes after that connection to get the deal done so they can make the house their own.

The popular thought process here is that potential home-buyers want to see that personality of your home. This is definitely not true at all. Potential buyers need to imagine their belongings there. They want their own personality, they do not care in the least about your choice of colors, patterns, furniture, etc. Here is something important to remember, never put your stuff in your garage! Potential buyers are going to go through your garage just like they would any other of the rooms in your home.

Rent a storage unit if necessary. Besides that, this can be opportunity to finally rid yourself of things you aren’t using. The more stuff you get rid of, the less you pay to move it too.

This minimalist approach is the best thing to make use of when showing a home. The absence of all your personal effects makes it much easier for any potential home buyers to imagine themselves in the home. This is also going to make the entire moving process cheaper.